4 Tips for Overcoming Self-Pity

This past week I’ve been drowning in self-pity. Why is it so easy to get stuck inside our heads? At one point, I literally curled under the covers in the afternoon defeated and deflated. I’ve slowly been coming out of it and wanted to share a few things that have helped me overcome this experience.

Change Your Scenery
Yesterday, after a three day funk, I hopped in our camper van and headed for the beach. A luxury in itself, I know! I went for a hike along the bluffs and worked on an article from the bed in our van aka my new office. I knew being in God’s creation would soothe my soul and the salty air would help me snap out of it. It definitely helped!

This use to come so easily for me, but in the past few years it’s been a challenge. I know that I have to get red (I mean tomato red) in the face and sweat somewhat profusely at least once a day in order to function adequately. The hardest challenge for me is simply showing up. Once I get my gym clothes on, go for a hike, surf, or hit the spin bike it flows from there. Focus your energy on getting there — on showing up and I think you’ll be surprised by how well you do. Do things you like (not hate!), set dates with yourself, hire a trainer if you need to or find a work out buddy (notes to self!).

Pray the Psalms
This is perhaps the most powerful tool. The psalms, specifically the psalms of lament soothe the soul. Biblical lament is an honest cry to a God who is powerful, good, and just. They are prayers for help, and we all need help.

Say What You’re Grateful For – Out Loud
On my drive down to the beach I was audibly listing off things that I am grateful for. I know it always feels a little odd to talk to yourself, but the benefits far outweigh the cost of possibly looking crazy to any passerby’s! Just make sure you’re alone and try it!

I hope these four simple tips that have helped me also help you. What do you do to help kick self-pity?


Photo by Milada Vigerova

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