Confessions on Blogging

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I’m still not sure how I feel about having a personal blog. I have a love-hate (but mostly hate) relationship with personal blogs. I fear that blogging will make me focus more on myself which is the last thing myself or the world needs.

I fear no one will read, comment or click, which will fuel any of my hidden insecurities I’ve been trying to kill.
I fear being self-promotional.
I fear I’ll spend too much time online, and not live well offline.

It seems that if you start a blog, you suddenly have self-imposted pressure to hunt down, capture and keep readers.
To post twice a day, five times a day.
To get sponsors.
To do hair tutorials and DIY projects.
To post pretty pictures of your perfect little life all the time.

I guess I feel silly about blogging because the truth is my personal posts are unlikely to change any one’s life. My life and thoughts are too often messy and unworthy of blog posts.
And the last thing I think you need to know is how I do my hair, or what I’m wearing on any given day – you won’t find any pin-worthy pictures of me on Pinterest!

So this is my post declaring that I will be breaking all professional blogging tips. And this is my blog-manifesto declaring that I will be blogging for an audience of one: myself. This is for you to know that my blogging intentions are primarily selfish. But know that you are welcome to read along and I’d really like it if you did.

I likely will not be blogging my outfits,
hair tutorials,
or DIY projects.

Instead, I will be writing and blogging to clear my mind, share information, express my thoughts, fears and most frequently to capture the adventures I am spoiled to enjoy with my cute husband and dearest friends.

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  • Reply Meg January 1, 2013 at 11:36 pm

    Hi Allie – I don’t know you personally but found your blog through wonderfullymade.

    I share your love/hate thoughts on blogging. I agree that it’s a fine line between uplifting/inspirational and narcissistic self-promotion. You do it just right though.

    Thank you for not posting flawless pictures of yourself happy ALL the time, free from fear or self-doubt. In my opinion, the Lord did not create us to live perfect looking lives. There is something liberating in embracing one’s messy, imperfect life, through which we need and seek Him.

    There is something very refreshing about a blog that is authentic and real. Yours is that. Keep it Up!!

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