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{Good Read} Living Well, Spending Less by Ruth Soukup

Sometimes a quick glance at a book’s cover is enough to know it’s meant for you. I stumbled across Ruth Soukup’s book “Living Well, Spending Less” from a picture a friend posted. So I’m only a few chapters in, but she is speaking right to my soul! The past few years have been trying for me and if I’m honest, instead of going to God to heal and nourish me, I’ve been turning to material things and trivial pursuits. Clothes, window shopping, unnecessary spending, sometimes food — whatever my drug of choice might be for that particular day, instead of leaving me full and satisfied leaves me wanting more.

Every time my husband catches me buying a new shirt or a new item of jewelry, he gently reminds me that it’s not going to satisfy. I know he’s right, yet I hop online hours later to find my favorite store is having at 30% off sale, or my well-dress and put-together friend just Instagramed a picture of her new boots I want to rip them off her feet (when I already have five pairs).

These days I’m craving simplicity, I’m craving contentment. And contentment, as Ruth Soukup reminds us is a choice; a challenging choice in a consumer-driven culture. “Less stuff equals more joy,” she says, and she’s right though our culture daily tries to convince us otherwise.

I’m so excited to dive into the rest of this book and hope some of you will join me! Email me or leave a comment if you end up reading it so we can encourage each other along this journey to live more fully.

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