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Interview with The Free Woman

I had the honor of sharing a bit behind the story of Wonderfully Made as well as bits of my personal story with the lovely site The Free Woman. Each month The Free Woman spotlights a different organisation or woman – and this month Wonderfully Made is spotlighted. Notice I spelled organization with and “s” – TFW is a global community headquartered out of Australia – the country that I feel like is my second homeland even though I haven’t yet been. It’s been a dream of mine to live in or travel to Australia since I was twelve! Here’s a little peek into the interview:

Hi Allie! Let’s start at the beginning, because we love it. You founded Wonderfully Made over 10 years ago at the age of eighteen (go girl!). Can you tell us a bit about what led to the creation of it?

Wonderfully Made was birthed out my own brokenness as a young woman. For so long, I questioned my value, worth, and significance to the world. Beginning at the age of twelve I experienced unwelcomed feelings of loneliness, insecurity and sadness. Those feelings escalated throughout high school when at the age of 18 I found myself hospitalized for severe clinical depression. I truly believed at the core of my being that this world was better off without me in it.

When I was first hospitalized, believers in my family’s life began praying for me. The God I always believed in, but didn’t intimately know became alive and personal to me. I can still remember reading Psalm 139 for the first time. It was like I had been waiting my entire life to hear that I wasn’t an accident; that I had been lovingly made for a beautiful purpose. Being hospitalized, everything that I had placed my value in was stripped from me so I was free to discover my true identity and worth simply as being a daughter of God. As I discovered my true value and was transformed by Christ’s love, I became impassioned about sharing with other young women, and that was the spark that started Wonderfully Made.

Read the rest of the interview HERE.

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