Marvelously Made Vehicles for Living

I guess I’m a slow learner, but lately on my HEAL Journey I’m having to remind myself of these truths I wrote for the first issue of Darling Magazine. I went stand up paddling last night and then for a jog with nothing but sand and seaweed under my toes. I was grateful to have air in my lungs and sea breeze in my hair.  It hasn’t been easy to honor my body the size that it’s at in this season, but I’m choosing gratitude. I’m choosing adventure. I’m choosing to see my body as a vehicle for life, not a project to be fixed. Here is a quote from my article “Your Personal Body Project” from the inaugural issue of Darling Magazine. I hope it encourages you as it continues to challenge me.

One day if you and I are lucky, we will be dripping with wrinkles from head to toe. Our days left on this earth will be close to none and for those of us who spent our lives in constant body angst, we will finally realize our legacy is not measured by the size we wear, but by the lives we lead. We’ll come face to face with the truth that we are not our body. We are a soul in a body that is perishing.

Our bodies are not broken; they are not projects that need fixing. They are marvelously made vehicles for living.

Allie Marie Smith, “Your Personal Body Project,” Darling Magazine

Do you struggle with seeing your body as a project that needs fixing rather than a beautifully complex vehicle for living?

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