New Darling Article: A Guide to the Reflection


The Spring issue of Darling recently hit the shelves and mailboxes. I was honored to write my third print article for the magazine. You can purchase the magazine online, at Anthropolgie and now even at Nordstrom (go Daring team!). My article is titled “A Guide to the Reflection” and is about learning how to not only make peace with the mirror but how to be in charge with the relationship you cultivate with it. Here are a few short excerpts from the article:

Excessive and lengthy periods of mirror-looking tends to breed self-objectification — thinking of oneself as an object first and a person second. Self-objectification can lead to low self-esteem, self-loathing and body image issues.

“Men at themselves in mirrors. Women look for themselves,” said Elissa Melamed, author of ‘Mirror, Mirror.” We have made the mistake of allowing the mirror to tell us who we aren’t (thin, beautiful, attractive, etc.) instead of telling the mirror who we are (courageous, loving, intelligent, compassionate, etc.). Mirrors are a reflection, a picture of our outer selves, yet they don’t tell the whole story of who we are in one glance. As women it’s imperative to our joy that we learn how to respond to our reflection in a way that supports, not threatens, our self-esteem. At some point we are forced to deal internally with what we see externally.

…know what the mirror doesn’t tell you. We are conditioned to believe our reflection determines our worth, but a mirror doesn’t tell you your character or how well you love the people in your life. Your reflection is a shallow, ill-fitted measuring stick when it comes to capturing the story of your life. You are more than your reflection.

All quotes are copyright Allie Marie Smith and Darling Magazine.

What is your relationship with the mirror like? Do any of these excerpts resonate with you?


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