November Goals

I’ve always been a goal setter and a chronic list-maker. I set my goals so high I make it hard to meet them. That’s why I love Hayley’s motto – “goals with grace.” Now that’s something I need to work on. So here they are for November:

1. Decrease tech time by 50%:  I confessed in my most recent post about  my unhealthy relationship with social media and my iPhone, so it’s time to do something about it.

2. Horseback ride at least once this month: Time to put my boots on and get in the saddle. I need to be refreshed and do more of what I love.

3. Stick to my sprint triathlon training plan: I committed to doing a sprint triathlon in February, but so far my training hasn’t been so hot. My goal is to stick to my training plan for the rest of the month! I can do this!

What are some of your November goals? I’d love to hear!



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