5 Benefits of a Breakdown

“Adversity is like a fire that, rather than destroying you, can refine, strengthen, and beautify you.” – Tim Keller

If you’re like me and have had a breakdown or two, you know they’re not fun. It’s terrifying to be out of sorts — your mind fills with lies, anxiety paralyzes you and at in your darkest hour you believe the world is better off without you. For how common breakdowns are, there is still little talk of them. No one wants to admit they’ve come undone, but so many of us have. With all the mental setbacks I’ve had in my life, I can genuinely say there is still good that can come from falling apart. I’m just about a month out of my most recent blow and the wonderful things is I can only go up from here.

Here are five ways breakdowns can make you better, not bitter:

Breakdowns bring clarity.
My setback has given me great clarity. Once the fog of my depression and confusion lifted, I was able to do a lot of personal reflection while also identifying habits and addictions that were not serving me well.

Breakdowns give you a natural “reset”
My breakdown provided me with a total reset. A reset I desperately needed to help heal me. It gives you the freedom to throw destructive habits out the window while giving you the opportunity to cultivate new, healthier ones. Whether it’s waking up before sunrise or putting down your phone for hours, breakdowns give you a clean slate to make more beneficial choices.

Breakdowns show you how much you need other people.
We are not islands and coming apart forces you to accept help. While not everyone has a stellar support system, breakdowns have a way of showing you who your true friends and loved ones are.

Breakdowns Help You Identify “Your People”
Whenever you go through a hard time mentally or emotionally, it can often put relationships to the test. Some people will see you differently for your setback and put up walls. As hard as it can be, this helps you “weed out” your fair-weather friends. While this is never fun, it does show you who will stay and love you the same when life gets hard.

Breakdowns can make you humble.
Nothing gives you a slice of humble pie like a breakdown. God can use them to mold you and remind you how fragile you really are. Genuine humility attracts others to you, and makes you a better version of yourself.

What benefit would you add to this list?

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