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Below is my latest article for Darling Magazine’s blog. I have a feeling this one might ruffle some feathers with the selfie comment – nothing personal if you take selfies. It’s just the motivation behind them that I’m referring to.

6 Ways  to Be Unlovely

1. Get lost in your own reflection.
For a sure fire way to be unlovely, gaze into the bathroom mirror more frequently than you peer into the beauty of others’ soulsTrue beauty and loveliness is outward-focused. It invests in others more than oneself. Be that kind of girl.

2. Build your life on your outward appearance.
As my friend Jennifer Strickland says, “Anywhere you find a girl building her life on her outward appearance, you will find a broken girl.” You are not your looks. Be a woman of substance — your physical beauty is fading fast.

3. Take lots and lots of selfies.
Let’s be honest, do you really like it when a friend or foe posts really good looking pictures of themselves all the time? I didn’t think so.

4. View others as competitors and see your “friends” as threats.
In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Comparison is also the enemy of contentment. As women we should be focusing on completing one another, not competing against.

5. Question your value relentlessly.  
If you want to lack in the true beauty department, never stand secure in your true identity. Insecurity is unattractive. Know your value.

6. Build your worth on shifting sand.
A sure way to lose your true beauty is to build your life on things that are destined to perish: talents, looks, accomplishments and possessions. True beauty transcends time.

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