The 10 Intuitive Eating Principles

I recently told a friend I would hop on a popular 30-day eating plan with her. I did well for the first week and a half, but of course the expected slip came in. The small piece of chocolate here. A muffin for breakfast here. You get the idea. I’ve still been hanging on to the hope that a diet will fix me. The problem is 95% of people who lose weight on a diet gain it back within five years. I don’t think I’m lucky enough to fall into the 5% category. I want to learn to eat in a way that I can maintain for the rest of my life. Because what happens after the 30-day plan, the 3 day fast, the 6-week cleanse?

Now you would think the fact that I wrote a book sharing intuitive eating principles would mean that I always eat intuitively. The truth is I don’t. Not now. I use to, but after my health crisis that led me to gain a significant amount of weight, I got frustrated and threw in the mindful eating towel. I joined Weight Watchers, bought a cleansing plan, went Paleo (for a while).

I have decided on my ED recovery journey to make a firm re-commitment to intuitive or mindful eating. What this doesn’t mean is that I’ll throw nutrition out the window. Knowing me this does mean that I’ll likely put pressure on myself to do it perfectly. That’s what us perfectionist types do. But I must have grace with myself as God has grace with me. I’ve eaten this way before, I can do it again.

In closing, I want to share 10 principles from the book “Intuitive Eating, A Revolutionary Program that Works.” I strongly recommend this book and hope it is an encouragement to you on your journey.

1. Reject the diet mentality

2. Honor your hunger

3. Make peace with food

4. Challenge the food police

5. Feel your fullness

6. Discover the satisfaction factor

7. Cope with Emotions without Using Food

8. Respect your Body

9. Exercise

10. Honor Your Health

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