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Wonderfully Made & Parker Clay’s Upcycled Leather Bracelet

I had the privilege of partnering with our dear friends Ian and Brittany, the Founders of Parker Clay to design a beautiful leather wrap bracelet that gives back to women in Ethiopia. Read on to learn more about this beautiful piece and how it impacts women. Today, I’m headed to Santa Barbara to help them box up about 4,500 of these beauties for an exciting promotion (which we can’t talk about quite yet!).

The Bracelet
Wonderfully Made has partnered with Parker Clay to create this unique premium leather wrap bracelet made of genuine Ethiopian leather and up cycled artillery. The metal ring and bead are made of bullets found in the Ethiopian countryside which are from former conflicts. What was intended for harm has been transformed into something of beauty. This premium leather wrap bracelet is designed to adorn your wrist while adorning women with value in Ethiopia. This unique piece wraps around your wrist three times, has four slits for different sizes and clasps using a metal bead.

The Cause
In the capital city of Addis Ababa alone, it’s estimated there are over 150,000 women involved in the commercial sex industry. Lacking opportunities in which they can have meaning and hope, these women are easily lured into prostitution as a way of supporting themselves and their families. We have seen first-hand their cry to leave the commercial sex industry and we have partnered with a local organization, Women at Risk, which is dedicated to lifting these women out of prostitution and providing them with opportunity elsewhere. Each bracelet sold covers the cost of providing prostitution prevention training to one woman.

 Get your bracelet HERE.
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