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 Photography by Brienne Michelle

“Courage is telling our story, not being immune to criticism.” ― Brené Brown

Truth is, I was pretty anxious to tell my story at the Yellow Conference last week. Prior to two years ago, my story fit in a nice, safe little box. I just struggled with depression — it was simple and relatively easy to understand. But I haven’t opened up much since two years ago or spoken out about the struggles I’ve gone through since so it was frightening to say the least. But at the Yellow Conference, I opened up about it – I shared nearly all of it. My talk didn’t go perfect as I wished I had – my hands were shaking, I had to read from some of my notes, but I did it. I showed up. I was vulnerable. God carried me through. And hopefully lives were touched.

I’m realizing it’s okay sometimes if things are messy; if things aren’t perfect. As I like to say, there is beauty in our brokenness. As someone wise once said:

“brokenness is a will always be a willing canvas for beauty.”

Sometimes it hurts to become real.

If you missed the Yellow Conference this year, I encourage you to attend next year! The speakers were inspiring and their messages were transformative. Joanna Waterfall, the creative visionary behind the Yellow Conference and her entire team did a phenomenal job. The details were exceptional and so well thought out. A highlight was having my two best friends to soak it all in with as well as meeting so many incredibly talented, kind and interesting women. You can follow the Yellow Conference on their website or Facebook page. Also, check out this year’s speakers through their website and social media sites, you won’t be disappointed.

Hannah Brencher
Caitlin Crosby
Natalie Warne
Lindsey Eryn Clark
Carlos Whittaker
Sarah Dubbledam
Caroline Howard
Promise Tangeman
Ashley Howell

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  • Reply deirdre September 8, 2014 at 11:08 pm

    Thank you so so much for sharing your story at Yellow. I got a brief chance to say hi to you the next day over by the bathroom. Your openness really touched me. I am still coming to terms with my own struggles and being open and talking about it has been the biggest part of healing for me. I know how hard it was to share such intimate, scary stories and I was so, so proud of you ; )

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